Answers to this week’s member questions

A lot has happened in the last 14 days. Lemonade opened for business in New York.  New Cybersecurity Requirements applying to independent agents were published in the NYS Register and IIABA joined a lawsuit to halt the misguided overtime rules.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Don’t worry—we have your back.

Get help for the challenges that you and your staff face every day on October 14 at NYiDAY.  Every session that we have developed is a direct result of the questions and concerns that our members have expressed to us.  The solution providers that we recruited to the show floor are there because they can help solve your agency’s problems.  This is YOUR event—tailored designed to meet your needs and push your business forward.

Here are a few direct ways that attendance at NYiDAY can help you (or the members that asked us these questions!).  Here are some of the questions that we received this week:

Lemonade is open for business in New York.  I am concerned. How can independent agents compete?  At NYiDAY we have a session specifically designed to help your agency improve its customer experience.  Plus we have many solution providers on the show floor that can help you develop a better digital “image”, create a mobile app, improve communications with your customers and provide beefed up services that set you apart from a direct writer.

I read the information that you provided last week on the newly introduced cybersecurity regulations.  The mandates are excessive and I don’t have anyone on staff that could help us comply.  Who can help?  Several of the exhibitors that will be on the show floor provide cyber security compliance services and outsourced IT help.  Plus, Vertafore and Applied are both holding sessions at NYiDAY.  Speak directly to them about the services that they can provide you to help comply.

The new federal rule changing the salary threshold for overtime pay could be devastating to my business if it goes into effect as currently written. How can I learn more about the rule to make sure I am able to provide the after-hours customer service my clients have grown to expect but not hire or pay more staff to be on call 24/7? Help!

Though the Big “I” successfully worked with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other trade associations to move the House of Representatives to delay the new overtime rule for six months, we are still hard at work securing Senate approval. Come talk to Claudia St. John, president of Affinity HR Group, our endorsed HR consulting firm. After she leads the NYiDAY session “How to Hire & Train Great Talent,” she will be available to talk to members in our Connection Lounge. Plus, we have a few companies on our NYiDAY show floor that can provide your agency with cost-effective, after-hours service.

Are you ready to face these challenges and many more alone?  You don’t need to.  Join us and your peers at NYiDAY.  You will leave feeling better, with great answers and solution and with a smart phone full of contacts. Register today before the event sells out (it sold out in 2014).