10 Things You Could Learn on 10.14.16

NYiDAY is just around the corner and it's packed with sessions that answer the questions and issues agencies like yours have told us about.  See for yourself...

1) SOLUTIONS FOR EMERGING EXPOSURES Detailed information from industry experts about current trends, potential markets, coverage forms, solvency concerns and more. Cool panel discussion!

2) How a fleet of 73 planes allows you to SEE (as in from your desk) the current state of a property and accurately access replacement costs - for little investment

3) HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR AGENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INVESTMENT Learn 7 major ways your system can help grow business, improve efficiency, and retain customers. Walk away with in-depth knowledge on reporting features, proposals, templates, forms, carrier communication and much more. 

4) A tool that compares policies clause-by-clause for you, allowing you to review polices much faster.

5) HOW TO RECRUIT, HIRE & TRAIN GREAT TALENT. You’ll leave with an easy-to-follow DIY approach to managing your agency workforce needs, including hiring tips and a Training Tracks booklet.

6) What a CRM is and why you should have one.

7) THE SHOCK & AWE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS’ EXPERIENCE Do you have a true understanding of what your customers experience when they interact in person, over the phone and online with your agency? Learn simple & effective steps on how to focus your staff, set standards and what technological tools you should use.

8) About an online community that allows you to post a piece of business and have companies & MGAs offer up markets to help.

9) KEY CONSIDERATIONS OF AGENCY ACQUISITION & PERPETUATION. Take away effective strategies on succession planning, agency valuation, accessing capital and important post-transaction considerations. And, specific tips on how to get capital, valuation techniques, and E&O considerations from true experts in the field.

10) How to be more cyber-secure, starting now.

Oh yeah... and then there is Mike Greenberg from Mike and Mike to provide some fun, a cool lounge to check email and networking with company reps and peers at the cocktail reception. 

Tickets are limited, don’t be left out… Register now.